Faster development. Better quality. Better data.

Automated 3D cell cultivation is your key to faster development and ethical testing.

Our cell cultivation unit produces uniform, physiologically relevant, scaffold-based human 3D cell models. Autonomously. At scale.

In vitro that feels like in vivo

Our cell cultivation unit cultivates human cells in a 3D in vitro environment that accurately mimics their natural biological state. Cellular events map much more closely to those that occur in vivo, giving you an increased ability to predict how drugs and therapies will work. 

Testing you can customise

Customise our technology to your cell-culture model and application. We can ship cells for testing on your own premises. Or we can fully or partly manage your project in-house—at any stage from design to big-data analysis.

LifeTaq - customise

Autonomous. Reliable. Repeatable.

Our automatic process allows us to standardize cell cultures across batches. We also give you the option to use chemically defined media for your tests, allowing you to build ethical experiments and easily reproduce data. You get quick, customised testing that generates reliable results. 

Better Analysis

Analyse with a much greater degree of sensitivity. Take advantage of advanced in situ control of cells to identify and rectify potential complications during cultivation. Characterise and monitor specific cell-surface targets at any time during the experiment. 

No more Human error

Work with 3D cell models cultivated by machine in a sealed room, and reduce the possibility of error in your drug/therapy development. Experimental and data quality increase. Efficiency rises, while costs and time-to-market fall.  

No more Boundaries

Why struggle against limitations imposed by time and cost? Oli-MAT, Oli-GO, and Oli-UP will help you bring in faster, more reliable results. 

More predictive power

From stem-cell culture to drug screening, cultivate your cells in 3D and leverage more cost-efficient in vitro models of testing and analysis. Our 3D cell models behave much more like in vivo tissue, letting you model drug behaviour with incredible accuracy. You could lower your research time from years to just a few months.  

Lower my time to market

Lower your time to market with our cell-culture products and services. Whether it’s a full experimental design, standalone cell culturing, or high-quality auxiliary products—we’ll help you achieve reliable results, fast. 

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