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Since 2017

Who we are

Founder and CEO
Manfred Taschner, Founder and CEO
Volker Lorber, Founder
Head of Bioengineering
Johanna Fischer, Head of Bioengineering
Head of Automation
Stefan Kautz, Head of Automation


1st row: Manfred Johanna, Chantal and Laura (from left to right). Laura and Chantal are responsible for tissue engineering and cell-based assays. 
2nd row: Khalil, Christian, Stefan and Lorant (from left to right). Khalil and Lorant specialize in programming and assembling the Oli-MAT units as our mechatronics and automation experts. Christian manages our internal and external relations. Bhuwan, who joined our team in May 2024 as a software developer, is not pictured.

We always look for great talent!

If you are skilled in handling human cells in 3D and/or have experience in process automation, send us your CV, including a brief text, to