The better way

Forging a brighter future for in vitro testing.

LifeTaq was founded 2017. We make drug testing more reliable and faster.

We believe better drug development is fundamental to the health and happiness of the human race. 

We believe the biotech sector has the potential to cure the worst diseases. Arrest the effects of aging. Alleviate suffering on a global scale.  

To do this, we need better, more reproducible data. We shouldn’t have to throw away millions in investment, and years of research, because clinical testing fails to fulfil the promise of a candidate drug. 

So, we decided to find a better way. 

Who we are

Manfred Taschner, CEO
Having started the previous decade working in preclinical vaccine development, Manfred saw first-hand how initially promising drug trials can collapse at the human-testing stage. He co-founded LifeTaq with the goal of simulating the human body at a much earlier stage in drug development—using high-quality 3D cell cultures and an innovative automated process to increase the reliability of trial data. An expert in cell culture and preclinical development/analysis, Manfred studied in Austria, Australia, and the US. Manfred is most excited by stem-cell research—which he believes holds the key to regenerative medicine—and tissue engineering.
Volker Lorber, CTO
Volker’s journey began in the Regulatory Affairs department of the AGES Federal Office of Medicines and Medical Devices. He then worked in preclinical drug/vaccine development before co-founding LifeTaq with Manfred, as a place where their idea of a better kind of drug trial could become a reality. Volker’s expertise lies in both 2D and 3D cell culture: Volker has worked with fibroblasts, endothelial cells, MSCs, keratinocytes, and tumor cells. Volker is excited by CRISPR, stem-cell research, and neuroscience.
LifeTaq, Team
LifeTaq's team currently consists of six people: Chantal, Volker, Laura, Florian, Khalil and Manfred (from left to right). Laura and Chantal are responsible for tissue engineering and cell-based assays. Florian and Khalil work on the programming and assembly of the Oli-MAT units as our mechatronic and automation specialists. Our team is constantly growing, and we are also very grateful to receive much help from external advisors.

We always look for great talent!

If you are skilled in handling human cells in 3D and/or have experience in process automation, send us your CV, including a brief text, to