In situ cell-surface-analysis kit


Analytical assay. No robot required.

Obtain surface profiles of the cells you work with—without the need for a cell disruptor. The Oli-GO in-situ cell-surface-analysis kit works as a standalone product, or in combination with our other products and services. The straightforward technology is easy to apply and may be used for various applications from 2D to 3D cell cultivation. You can monitor your cells’ surface while keeping them save from harsh chemicals resulting in better data for an increased quality control. Oli-GO is based on Aptamers. Thus, there is no batch-to-batch variation. Additionally, probes are produced synthetically resulting in an eco-friendly high quality assay kit.

Make your tests
simpler - and better

It’s easy to enhance your cell analysis with the Oli-GO aptamer assay. Extremely small to no variation between batches also ensures your tests are simple to reproduce.
No more
Be as flexible as your research needs you to be. Oli-GO and its component aptamers can be shipped and stored at room temperature. You can always be sure that the Oli-GO kit will arrive ready to function. Wherever you need to run your assay.

Save ressources. Become most efficient.

Oli-GO Kits are the cost-efficient solution for your experiments. Increase your budget for other materials of your project by purchasing this straightforward analysis kit.

Keep your cells save. Use secured technology.

We developed Oli-GO for over five years and tested it successfully on various 2D and 3D applications. You will use a technology patented in all relevant countries.
Get more data.
Increase quality control.
Introduce ironclad quality control for your discoveries and tests. Combine the Oli-GO assay with Oli-CELL tissue products for the highest-possible-quality materials, and the highest-quality investigation. Ensure your tests meet key industry standards.

Reduce the impact on the eco-system.

Oli-GO uses aptamers instead of antibodies. There are no animal models needed for the development as well as for the production of the kit. No more unnecessary suffering.

Flexible. Reliable.

Oli-GO aptamers are your key to high-quality data

  • No to very little variation due to chemical synthesis
  • Simple chemical modification and recovery
  • Storage and transport at room temperature

What’s in the box?

  • Aptamers against your markers
  • Analysis material
  • Binding Solution
  • Washing Solution
  • Eluting Solution

I want better data

Oli-GO helps biotech and pharma companies, scientists, and researchers to extract the best possible data from their cell models. Fill out the form below and start putting this assay to work.

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