Fully customisable 3D cell cultivation and assay


Reliable in vitro 3D cell cultures, designed and tested

Outsource your project to us. We can design, run, and report on your trials—at any stage in the process, or throughout the whole process. Whether it’s cultivating high-quality cell/tissue models in the automated Oli-MAT environment or analyzing big data, the Oli-MAT service gives you the freedom to customize your project as you need. If you are aiming for clinical phases, we are the optimal partner for any pre-clinical trials. Try our cost-efficient services in order to get quick insight of human responses. The robot does not pollute the environment and offers the best option to reduce animal trials to a minimum.

Test faster. Test more accurately.

Cut your time to market by using cell models that accurately represent their in vivo counterparts. 3D cell cultures created by the Oli-MAT robot will generate better data for analysis and increase reliability of trial results.

Free consultation.


Got a project you want us to manage? We offer free consultation for projects of all sizes. Get insight of how you can conduct analyses in an environment that closely mimics the structure, cell-to-cell interactions, and surface exposure of in vivo physiology.

Cut costs. Bring drugs to market faster.

The Oli-MAT produces standardized cell cultures across as many batches as you need. With little to no limitations on stability, results are reproducible and robust. You can reduce your reliance on costly animal models, increase throughput, and bring trials to a successful conclusion more efficiently.

Improve your testing. With trusted partners.

With the full Oli-MAT service, there’s no worrying about transportation, time, or lab costs. From drug discovery to pre-clinical trials and reporting, we can run the whole research chain for you. The Oli-MAT robot introduces the test medium automatically, reducing the risk of human error and significantly increasing the speed of your research.

Reduce your reliance on in vivo testing

The limitations of 2D cell cultivation are significant. Batches vary. Results are misleading. Costly in vivo testing has been the only way to accurately predict how drugs will perform. The 3D cell structures cultivated in the Oli-MAT will change how you think about in vitro testing.

Become efficient.

Stay eco-friendly.

The Oli-MAT robot is able to produce and test thousands of cell culture units simultaneously. However, its power consumption is reduced to minimum. No CO2 Emissions pollute the environment. No animals have to suffer.
Outsource your drug testing
A typical project with the Oli-MAT service

You want a 3D cell model


We evaluate the feasibility


We put cells into the Oli-MAT


The robot exchanges media for the cells, multiplying them to create a realistic model


Typically, after one month, the cells have formed a structure


The robot introduces the drug automatically


We analyse the interaction between the drug and the cells


We record results and report

Manage my project

Lower your time to market with our cell-culture products and services. Whether it’s a full experimental design or management of specific parts of your project—we’ll help you achieve reliable results, fast. 

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