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Discover the advantages of 3D cell cultivation with Oli-UP

Cultivate your own cell structures and tissues manually. The Oli-UP manual 3D cell-culture kit includes wells and scaffold holders. You get to perform the same experiments as you can with Oli-MAT. Just without the robot.

We only use high-performance materials for our products in order to guarantee best cell growth. All components were thoroughly tested in combination with several human cell types. The chemical inert surfaces do not interfere with your cells. Further, we only provide reusable parts. Simply put them in your autoclave and prepare them for your next experiment. No more disposable materials, no more environmental footprint, less overall cost.

Get the scaffold holders you need for your experiments. Choose from our portfolio or contact us, if you need a custom design for your individual needs. We are happy to help.

We provide a cost-efficient simulation of in vivo testing during early drug evaluations or similar processes. Try our alternative to animal models that mimics the in vivo state in human beings giving you better information about the performance of your drug.

LifeTaq collaborated with numerous scientific institutions like the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clincal Traumatology, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, the Austrian Biotech University of Applied Science Tulln, the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna, the Danube University Krems, the University of Applied Sciences IMC Krems and several industrial partners in order to design the best products for you.

Reduce your reliance on in vivo testing

The limitations of 2D cell cultivation are significant. Batches vary. Results are misleading. Costly in vivo testing has been the only way to accurately predict how drugs will perform. The 3D cell structures cultivated with Oli-UP will change how you think about in vitro testing.

Get better data


Work with 3D cell models to more accurately map how test substances affect real tissue. You’ll generate robust data to fuel your research and increase analytical reliability. Now you can conduct analyses in an environment that closely mimics the structure, cell-to-cell interactions, and surface exposure of in vivo physiology.

Cut costs of your experiments in 3D.

Oli-UP provides the most cost efficient 3D solution for your projects. We offer various payment options for your specific needs. Just contact us and we will arrange a personalized solution for your specific case.

Keep your cells save. Use secured technology.

We developed Oli-UP for several years and tested it successfully in combination with various cell types. You will use a technology patented in all relevant countries.

Expand your testing capabilities

Add scaffolds and analytical kits to your Oli-UP manual 3D cell-culture kit. Work with high-quality cell lines that increase your ability to create reliable 3D cell models in vitro. We supply all the accessories you need to give your research the best possible start.

Stay on top. Think about the environment.

Oli-UP was designed for experiments performed on a regular basis. We only use sturdy and robust materials. Just put them in your autoclave and they are ready for the next experiment in no time.

What’s in the box?

  • 40x Customizable Scaffold Holders
  • 16x 5-Well Cultivation Chambers
  • 4x Autoclavable Oli-UP Boxes
  • 8x Supporting Elements
  • 8x Seeding Plate
  • 4x Bases

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