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Our 3D cell cultivation is your key to fast, reliable results. Costs go down. Efficiency goes up. 

  • Academic Institutions.
  • Contract Research Organisations.
  • Pharma.

Ethical excellence, experimental success

Experimental data generated using phenotypically accurate 3D cellular cultures is more robust. Make better predictions—from basic research to drug discovery and preclinical trials. Be more ethical by conducting in vitro tests that work.


The most accurate 3D cell models

Our cultivation unit produces physiologically accurate simulations of the structures you need. Work with cells that retain their natural shape and behave as they do within the living organism.

Smarter research. Right down to the molecular level.

Vaccines. Cell therapy. Antibodies. Work with 3D cell models and open up limitless possibilities for discovery and advancement. Whether you’re testing the effects of biosimilar molecules on human cells, or cultivating phenotypically accurate tissue to mimic in vivo research. 

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Lower your time to market with our cell-culture products and services. Whether it’s a full experimental design, standalone cell culturing, or high-quality auxiliary products—we’ll help you achieve reliable results, fast.

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